The Opening for Branded Content

This is from a deck we’ve been using at VSA to talk about branded journalism.

“Branded journalism” is fast becoming a vital, exciting way to build and activate brands.

— Effective owned content has to be GREAT content — credible, useful and/or delightful, absent of corporate-speak or marketing-speak.

— It has to be good enough so people want to own it, talk about it, share it.

The opening for brands right now

— Business publications keep cutting back. With fewer outlets, fewer print pages, and smaller staffs, the focus is increasingly on news, not trends, visions and big ideas. Credible, thoughtful content is waning.

— C-level executives, customers, business people and consumers want trusted resources that rise above the noise. They used to rely on mainstream media. Now there’s a gap waiting to be filled. (A recent Edelman Trust Index found a “flight to credentialed spokespeople.” CEOs are trusted by 50% in 2011, up from 31% in 2009.)

— Great writers and editors are available. Experienced reporters, columnists and editors are gone (or have fled) from the major publications — but they’re still around, and many are available to create great content.




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