Back Togather: New Take On the Old Book Tour

Just read about this New York start-up, Togather, and it’s an interesting take on the old idea of an author’s book tour. It’s sort of a mash-up between a Meetup and a Groupon. Essentially, readers and an author strike a deal that if people in a geographic area buy a certain number of the author’s e-books, the author will come and give a talk there. (Scientists have yet to discover how to have an author sign an e-book.)


This could be a tool in a branded-content strategy involving a book. As the previous two posts pointed out, a lot is evolving about how a CEO or company can use good, credible books to build a brand. The old “book tour” or book reading has become an economically unviable mess. Through something like Togather, combined with the interests of branded content, this could see a revival.

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