Things We Like Today

— Four tips for building a YouTube audience, from YouTube’s head of content strategy, Jamie Byrne. The first one on her list can’t be emphasized enough to anyone creating branded: BE AUTHENTIC! If you’re posting videos you don’t feel passionate about, or that aren’t true and credible, the audience will see through it and ignore you.

— Print media’s historic equation between publisher, advertiser and audience no longer adds up. This story in the Columbia Journalism Review explains the history of that triangle and why it’s falling apart. “The enormity of the change in the relationship of publisher, reader, and advertiser means that we’d better pray for—and work for—the restructuring of journalism’s existing institutions.” Unfortunately, that’s where the article ends. How about some suggestions for that restructuring!

— Want to absorb a history of marketing and how it moved from shouting unsubstantiated claims to mass audiences to targeted marketing to social marketing to whatever comes next? Here’s an entertaining infographic for a quick overview…and here’s Ad Age’s year-by-year historical site.


— And here’s one we like because it’s so outrageously dumb. It’s a U.K. project called Interactive Newsprint, and it’s mission is pretty much what the title suggests: develop a way to print “buttons” that let the printed newspaper play audio recordings, for instance, or connect to the network and post a Facebook “like.” This strikes us as being about as sensible as a 1920s project called Motorized Horses.

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