About Fsew! and Kevin Maney

“Fsew!” is an exclamation applied to something outstanding in an in-the-know, private-joke kind of way. Growing up, my brother and I used it, for instance, in regard to semi-geeky hockey players we secretly loved — the sound “fissyoo” quietly approximating the sound of a cheering crowd. (“I got the new Gord Labossiere hockey card!” “Fsew!”)

Here in the blog, “Fsew!” applies to developments in my new realm of branded content that are outstanding in an in-the-know kind of way.

I’m a veteran journalist, and I now work with VSA Partners on branded journalism and content — putting together good journalism with corporate branding in a way that helps both thrive without compromising either.

For more than 25 years, I wrote about technology for USA Today, Fortune, Wired, The Atlantic and other publications, and I’ve been on the whole range of TV and radio shows. I’ve written a bunch of books, and am now deep into the next one, which has taken me to the crossroads of India, technology, and a great and improbable character.


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